Addison's blog was started in 2014 and contains articles on a wide variety of topics. For example: tax credits, The DAO, the launch of Ethereum in 2014, Uber-like business models, Delaware's interest in DLT, and much more.

In early 2019 Addison will be launching an innovative type of legal information service for the crypto industry. Follow him on LinkedIn or Twitter to find out more.

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Addison has spoken at venues ranging from Bay St. law firms, the CFTC (USA), federal and provincial law enforcement groups, the Ontario Bar Association, law schools, Next Money Toronto, the Canadian Corporate Counsel Association National Conference, and many other events since 2014.

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Most recent article about Mr. Cameron-Huff's work in the crypto industry: A Changemaker to Watch.

2017 article published on How Tokenization Is Putting Real-World Assets on Blockchains.

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