If your business is considering using Bitcoin then please don't put the accountants in charge (or at least the internal auditors).

In this month's issue of Internal Auditor Magazine (put out by the 180,000 member Institute of Internal Auditors) there's an article titled "Digital Currency Risks" that describes Bitcoin as being used by "10,000" people with "12.8 million" bitcoins in circulation ("worth about US$8 million").

The actual value of the Bitcoin in circulation is about $8 billion because 12.5 million bitcoins x ~$600 USD/BTC = $8 billion not $8 million. The actual number of users is impossible to say (because of the way the protocol works) but there are about 2,000,000 users of the most popular online Bitcoin wallet program and in total certainly far more than 10,000 users. A US company called CoinBase has >35,000 stores signed up to use Bitcion as a method of payment.

Further down in the article, "[l]ast year, the U.S. government seized the Silk Road exchange because it was suspected of being a haven for money laundering, drastically reducing the value of bitcoins overnight." Money laundering was hardly Silk Road's biggest problem: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silk_Road_(marketplace). Silk Road was an online drug dealing marketplace accessible via Tor where Bitcoin was the most popular method of payment.

The article closes with "internal audit should be at the forefront of all discussions related to accepting digital currencies. " I hope not. Instead, I highly recommend finding someone involved in the industry to speak to rather than your accountant.