There have been four speeches made in 2014 about Bitcoin in the House & Senate.

House, April 3rd: Patricia Davidson, Conservative

"However, it is important to continually improve Canada's regime to address emerging risks, including virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin, to strengthen Canada's international leadership in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing."

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Senate, March 25th: Senator Fraser

"Good luck to you in this study. Bitcoins and their cousins are subjects that I simply cannot grasp — sort of like the theory of relativity."

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Senate, March 25th: Senator Gerstein

This was a long speech with a number of quotes about Bitcoin. Here's one part of the speech:

"Less than one kilometre from this place, in the Byward Market, you will find a Bitcoin automated teller machine, which allows one to buy or sell Bitcoins for cash. Other Bitcoin ATMs have also been established in Vancouver, Toronto and Winnipeg and, in Montreal, colleagues, you will find the Bitcoin embassy, which includes not only a Bitcoin ATM but also a meeting space and what the operators are calling a ``start-up incubator.''"

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House, March 7th: Guy Caron, NDP

"We are talking about money laundering and billions in lost revenues. FINTRAC must now review a massive amount of data from online casinos and bitcoin transactions, so why has the government failed to give it the resources it needs to go after 21st century money launderers and tax cheats?"

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