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There are far more people with ideas than there are programmers to turn those ideas into reality. Even people with great ideas, domain knowledge and capital can have a hard time finding a technical co-founder to team up with.

If you've been looking in vain for a technical co-founder then consider learning how to do it yourself. It's never been easier to start an Internet-based company.

How To Build An Online Service

The first step is to learn a popular web programming language like PHP (used by Facebook), Python (Google likes it), or Javascript (node.js is used by Walmart). You'll also need to learn some HTML and CSS. (Too hard? Here's the easier way.)

Your next step is to learn the SQL database language (and a system like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server or CouchDB).

A programming language, HTML/CSS and a database are the backbone of most new startups. You could have a working prototype in a few weeks of experimenting.

Why Learn To Program?

Once you've made a basic product you'll need to host it somewhere. Cheap hosting abounds. I recommend Dreamhost (for PHP and Python) or Digital Ocean for node.js. For (much) more complicated services, AWS/Azure. You can register your domain name through Dreamhost, Namecheap or any other registrar.

Even if your first version isn't very good you'll gain two things out of this exercise:

  1. A better understanding of the product you're hoping to build; and,
  2. A more educated view about who to hire and what questions to ask them.

Is There An Easier Way?

If the above seems a bit too daunting, you may be able to build your service using existing services & platforms like ITFTT, Wordpress, Salesforce, Mailchimp or Google Forms.

Bottom Line

Is it easy to make a software product? No, but with a bit of work you can do it!

P.S: Udemy, a Khan Academy competitor, sent me an email to ask that I list their SQL tutorial too. Here it is: