The Google AdWords rates for lawyer-related ads range from about 35 cents for a divorce lawyer in Edmonton to $63 for "car accident lawyers".

There are very few monthly searches for "injury lawyers" or "injury lawyers toronto" but every time someone clicks one of those ads it's about $60.

There are plenty of searches for "personal injury lawyer" and each click costs $51-55. Not only are these ads expensive btu they're also competitive keywords so the people running these campaigns have to keep their click-through rates high in order to stay on top. It's nice to see my former personal injury advocacy instructor is #2 on the right-hand side when I search for "personal injury lawyer". (I decided to spare him the $55 by not clicking on his ad.)

The number one ad on Google when I searched for "personal injury lawyer" claims that the lawyers offer "Aggressive Advocation". That wouldn't be what I'd claim so long as the LSUC's Commentary for R 3.02 gives as an example of "marketing that may contravene [the rules about lawyer marketing]": "(d) suggesting or implying that the lawyer is aggressive".

On the organic results side of "personal injury lawyer", I'm surprised to see the Personal Injury Alliance (a recent marketing initiative of several personal injury firms) as the number one website because they only have a PageRank of 3. The other personal injury law firms should step up their SEO game! For context, my web design business has a PageRank of 4 (PR is a log scale measurement so it's approximately 10x more popular than a PR3).

The top 11 most valuable keywords are also personal injury-related. Number 12 is "jane harvey lawyers" for which there are a surprising number of searches per month and a $33 price tag.

"medical malpractice lawyer" can be had for about a $1 per click. That seems like a keyword combination that the personal injury lawyers should jump on.

No one is bidding on "lawyer jokes" although a lot of people are searching for it.

You can look up the rates yourself using the Google AdWords Keyword Planner.