QuadrigaCX, Canada's dominant Bitcoin exchange, is set to become the world's first publicly traded Bitcoin exchange according to Bitcoin Magazine. I don't see the news reported anywhere else (including on Quadriga's own site/Twitter) but Christie Harkin, the author of the article is a good source.

This is pretty big news for a Canadian company that only started a little over a year ago. Up until this year there were three exchanges competing for Canadians' wallets but as of mid-February there's only Quadriga. Given that the gross margins on Bitcoin trading are ~0.5%, Quadriga is probably still standing due to their cost structure being lower than their former competitors.

Quadriga will be listed on Canada's stock exchange for smaller companies, the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE). The CSE started in 2004 and seems to be making headway in opening up an easier route for going public in Canada. As of a few weeks ago you can buy CSE stocks using TD's online brokerage.