Paying Law Society fees and insurance are the easy steps in setting up your own law practice. The hard part is getting business.

After setting up my website, finding office space (19 Yorkville Ave.) and signing up for the LSRS, I needed to find places to advertise.

Kijiji and Craigslist are great for selling lawnmowers but not the vibe I'd like for my tech law practice.

After Googling around for a bit I realized there wasn't a site for listing lawyer services at fixed prices. If I had a need for this service likely a lot of other people do too and this could be a good startup idea (link is to Paul Graham essay on the subject).

A week and a half later launched.

A couple weeks later I've managed to sign up four other lawyers to list on the site. At least one of the people I found by texting the number listed on their Kijiji ad. This was a new marketing idea I came up with that only works for people who are using cellphone numbers (approximately 1/3 of the people I texted).

A lot of FlatLaw is about SEO and it'll take a few more weeks before the search engines drop their new site penalty. FlatLaw is already starting to rise up the ranks on Google and will hopefully be number one for a few keywords in a month or two.