Here are a few questions to ask when hiring a technology lawyer:

1. Does the lawyer have a website? I wouldn't hire one who doesn't. A decent website is quite affordable in 2013 (check Craigslist!).

2. Have they ever handled a file like yours?

3. Do they want you to sign a paper copy of your retainer? I'd prefer an electronic copy and assent for the retainer.

4. Do they have a technical background? In what field?

5. Are they comfortable negotiating/litigating, or are they more on the solicitor side of the fence?

6. Where have they worked? What's their legal background?

7. How much do they charge? Do they bill strictly by the hour or will they entertain alternative fee structures?

8. How long have they been practising? (not their year of call because they may have taken time away from the profession)

9. Do they know anything about your technology? Do they understand it when you explain it?

10. Can they handle any required trademark/patent filings? If not, do they work with people who do?