Seinfeld said that he became a good comedian by writing jokes every day. He marked off each day on a calendar and made sure to do it every day, without exceptions. If there's one key to becoming good at something it's to keep doing it every day.

Try to do one useful thing a day. This maxim works as a lawyer or in any other field.

What is it worth to a business or individual client if you do something great for them? The economic value depends on the area of law, luck, your role, and much else, but people generally recognize who is delivering value to them. That's the key to getting paid well as a lawyer, and it's the key to being someone that people see as adding value.

Something valuable each day doesn't have to be for someone else. It could be a bit of marketing for yourself. A good blog post can bring in a new client. What’s that worth?

Learning something new is another way to add value to your own life. Learning a new topic in law each day will eventually lead anyone to become a knowledgeable lawyer who can help with a wider range of problems.

Do something valuable each day and you'll find after not so many days that you have become a valuable person to have on a team, and a valuable person for yourself.