I'd like a time-tracking service like Toggl (Internet-based and works well on mobile and desktop). But I'm a lawyer so I don't want to store confidential client information on a service like that, so it would need to be client-side encrypted. I'd also like the software to tell me about opportunities to generate additional business (i.e. make more money).

Client-side encryption can now be done on most browsers using the WebCryptoAPI (although implementation is a challenge for developers). My ideal service would encrypt all of my data client-side with AES and then upload it to the time-tracking system. When I access the service it decrypts locally to show me my information.

I'd like the service to be able to recommend opportunities (either through a learning model or hard-coded rules for different professions). Suggestions like following up with a client who incorporated their company and then didn't hire me for any additional work for a year. Or checking up on a client who signed a licensing deal a few months ago and hasn't reached out since. I think this could be done client-side too.

I am well aware of Matasano's famous article on Javascript-based encryption but I think WebCryptoAPI has changed the story and there would be big advantages to a low-cost, always available system for lawyers (since we don't all sit at desktops with PCLaw anymore).

Is anyone working on such a system?