Blockchain Startup Package

1 Slot Available
$5000 CAD per Month
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  • For crypto companies ready to grow to the next level, increase quality & speed of deal execution, and improve their organization
  • Guidance from an experienced professional who's been where you want to be
  • Managing engagements with other lawyers to reduce costs and produce better advice, includes lawyers in US, Switzerland, etc.
  • Global IP strategy advice
  • Employment & contractor issues & customized templated agreements
  • Deal-specific advice, working with your BD team
  • Reducing legal risk & creating legal compliance (AML, CASL, securities guidelines, etc.)
  • Timely updates about relevant legal changes, business deals, or potential connections
  • Unlimited corporate/commercial legal advice
  • Unlimited conference calls
  • Monthly leadership meeting to discuss risk and legal strategy
  • Full written review of business's legal positioning and assessment of risks

Global Champion Package

1 Slot Available
$9000 CAD per month
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  • For companies that aim to dominate their category and need an experienced professional closely working with their leadership team
  • Everything in the Blockchain Startup Package
  • Written quarterly update on company-specific legal risks for your board/leadership team
  • Assistance with DMCA takedowns and implementing copyright infringement/anti-phishing plan (if applicable)
  • Training for external-facing staff on how to communicate accurately, honestly, and within the bounds of Canadian law
  • Corporate structuring advice
  • Assisting with development of new products from a legal/risk perspective
  • Reviewing any contract for “red flags”
  • Drafting token sale agreements, End User License Agreements, and other customer-facing contracts
  • Bi-weekly meetings with leadership team to discuss legal strategy, products, potential threats and legal positioning
  • One written memo per month on company-specific issue

Why Fixed Monthly Fees?

Monthly billing provides a predictable cost for clients and helps create a long-term alignment between lawyer and client. Clients should never think twice about picking up the phone or asking a question by email, and with fixed billing that's not an issue.

You deserve a lawyer who's invested in your long-term success and deeply understands your products, not a bill for every five minutes of time. This is a model that's particularly well-suited to the complex needs of blockchain companies' products and ensures that your lawyer will always have time for you.

What Else Do You Do Differently From Other Law Firms?

  1. No referral fees ever paid to other professionals or collected from them. You will only ever be referred to other professionals who are the right fit for you, and not because of any financial interest.
  2. No lock-in. You can change plans or end the lawyer-client relationship. You can hire other lawyers too.
  3. No surprise fees. You'll never see a $5 charge for "photocopying" or long-distance calls. It's 2019 and you deserve a lawyer who uses technology effectively and doesn't try to nickel-and-dime you.
  4. Personal attention from a skilled lawyer. You'll never have a trainee assigned to your file.
  5. No receptionists. You'll be connected directly.
  6. If you're in Toronto, you'll be able to schedule office visits at your office.
  7. You won't need to explain "Blockchain 101". Addison has architected crypto software solutions used by hundreds of thousands of users and worked for many crypto founders.

What's Working With Addison Cameron-Huff Like?

As the Founding Director of the Bitcoin Foundation, and CEO of one of the first Bitcoin startups, I know who the experts are. Addison Cameron-Huff has deep expertise in this space and is a pleasure to work with.
Charlie Shrem
Bitcoin Foundation (US) + Crypto.IQ
Addison is a great leader and his ability to break down complex information into easy-to-digest summaries is nothing short of extraordinary. Though he has too many strengths to list, I truly appreciate his candid and helpful nature.
Nick Lacroix
Decentral Inc.
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