Terms of Use and Disclaimer

Addison Cameron-Huff's law practice is regulated by the Law Society of Upper Canada

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Terms of Use

Lawyer-Client Relationship

We shall not have a lawyer-client relationship unless I provide you with a written retainer agreement and you sign it back.

Confidential Information

Do not send me confidential information unless we have a written retainer agreement. See above.

Email Addresses

Please advise me if you are using an email address that other people have access to.

Do not contact me using a work email address unless you own the company. If you are an employee, use a personal email address.

Highly Confidential Information

Confidential information that is very valuable or important should be delivered in-person at my law office. Email and phone calls are not secure against determined adversaries.

No Tax Advice

I do not give tax advice. Nothing I say to you should be relied upon for making any decisions regarding your tax situation. You should speak to an accountant or tax lawyer for that.

No Criminal Law Advice

I do not give criminal law advice. If you are concerned that your situation may cross into the realm of criminal law then you should contact a criminal lawyer (promptly), not me. I provide corporate/commercial legal advice for technology businesses.