Canada's equivalent of the NSA, CSEC, is always on the hunt for new talent. There's a job listing today for a "Telecom Technologist & Network Analyst". One of the job requirements: Experience in administration of remote network endpoints where there is little to no assistance at the remote end. I wouldn't expect too much help from the other end when you're doing foreign signals intelligence.

The pay for CSEC jobs is surprisingly good for Ottawa civil service but probably not competitive with the private sector right now. Posted salaries for experienced people range from $70k-$100k. Most private sector jobs for similar roles don't have posted salaries but appear to be about $30k/yr higher.

I would expect someone with the kind of skills that CSEC needs to command a high salary right now and I know the consulting rates for this kind of work are many hundreds of dollars per hour.

Readers may also enjoy the video currently on the front page of CSEC's site titled "Can You Keep A Secret?". The narrator says "But we have just one question for you. Can you keep a secret?". I have a feeling this video was inspired by Edward Snowden, the star of Citizenfour.