As a lawyer and programmer I have long thought it would be useful to have a search engine for world laws. I run several specialized legal/legislative information services (e.g. that have taught me quite a bit about how hard it is to gather legal information and present it to users. After years of consideration and many months of hard work I'm pleased to announce the launch of

Global-Regulation is a law search engine that currently has a database of 212,000 laws from all over the world (some are machine translated from China, French and German). Searching this 12 gigabyte database of laws takes seconds because of a dedicated in-RAM search application that is in front of the MySQL database (hosted on Google Cloud for speed, redundancy and ease of scaling). If the current database were printed out it would be approximately 7 million pages (and completely unusable).

The company behind Global-Regulation, Global-Regulation Inc. is a partnership between myself and Nachshon Goltz, an Israeli commercial lawyer who's finishing his doctorate in regulation at Osgoode Law School.

There are over 100,000 laws in the backlog to be processed over the coming weeks, and we intend to keep expanding the coverage.

You can try it for free by going to (or use the advanced search feature).

The system has laws from the following jurisdictions (mostly federal laws): Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, the European Union, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Kenya, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom and the US.

How it works: