Here's a bio that I submitted to a talk for January, 2024:

Mr. Cameron-Huff is an experienced lawyer, blockchain industry participant, software architect, programmer, and consultant. He has provided consulting advice to two major Canadian regulators in the field of cryptocurrency, and provided continuing professional development to the regulator of lawyers in the same area. He has been an advocate for the industry for many years, and has been published in major publications in Canada and the United States. His work crosses legal, technical, and business domains. His blog on cryptocurrency topics features 300 articles going back to 2013.

Mr. Cameron-Huff is a lawyer with a strong tech background, having scaled and managed a blockchain wallet company that served more than 1,000,000 users (Jaxx), and provided legal advice to founders of Ethereum, taught at the University of Toronto law school, and was one of the first lawyers in Canada to work in blockchain. He has been a part of Toronto's cryptocurrency industry since the start of 2014 and has given talks to audiences as diverse as the Law Society of Ontario and all levels of law enforcement in Canada (local police, OPP, and RCMP). He previously worked as a programmer and won programming competitions in the United States and Canada (Yahoo! HackU in 2009, Techcrunch Disrupt in 2010 and PayPay X Innovate in 2010). A co-founder of Ethereum describes him as "Ethereum's first lawyer".

Prior to starting his law practice, Mr. Cameron-Huff was the founder of a government monitoring service used by lobbyists, government ministries, and major corporations to track speeches in Parliament and changes in laws (federally and provincially). He also co-founded, and wrote the software for, one of the world’s largest search engines for international law:

Before starting his own law practice, Mr. Cameron-Huff worked at McCarthy Tetrault LLP (one of the largest law firms in Canada) and BlackBerry in the technology licensing group.