I have a collection of notes for a book about derisking token projects. It contains a lot of the advice I hand out to companies in the token space, which is based on years of work in the field and listening carefully to other lawyers. I took the notes for a few of the chapters and asked ChatGPT (3.5 model) to generate the book chapters. The result is surprisingly good!

Here's 40 pages of generated "book": https://www.cameronhuff.com/blog/_assets/book/Derisking_Token_Projects_Chapters.pdf.

I've cherrypicked the chapters that seemed to generate well. And I've quickly looked through them, but it's possible the AI-generated prose contains errors. On the other hand, it's so general that this seems like you could produce a book people might actually enjoy using this method.

It's even possible that a book generated like this would be better than what I can write. ChatGPT (and similar tools) are very good at writing things at the level of general audiences, something which is very hard for an expert to do.

I tried generating chapters with version 4 (30x more expensive than 3.5) but the results didn't seem better. ChatGPT's output hits a good sweet spot of simple, understandable, and quite accurate to the original notes. The biggest downside is that it drops quite a bit to simplify, and it does so in a way that's different than what an expert ghostwriter (or a good author) would do. Read the results for yourself above, but I'd say it's quite good output for a non-expert reader.