Here are 54 ideas I've jotted down in my phone over the last couple years as business ideas. Some are good ideas and others aren't, but they might be food for thought that leads you to a great business concept.


1. Encrypted phones and chat for lawyers.

2. Buy surplus time from lawyers for short-term assignments.

3. Lawyer collective for particular topics with secure messaging, with lawyers grouped by shared values and topic.

4. Hire project managers for legal projects who then source the lawyers and do other work, as first point of contact.

5. Pay into an environmental lawsuit and get a portion of the reward.

6. Choose your own adventure for generating contractor agreements according to standard models.


7. Job board for Canadian blockchain industry.

8. Expert network for Canadian cryptocurrency industry and other niches.


9. Buy tips from environmental groups about problems and sell the info to short sellers.

10. Monitor card spending and provide recommendations of how to improve spending according to social parameters, following profiles of celebrities/authors/etc.

11. Consumer finance loans paid off in crypto.

12. Tracking bailouts in other countries to predict if they will happen here.

13. A private fund for co-ops and other truly green ventures.

14. Platform for brokers ("money politicians") to connect with startups.


15. Acquire rights to old newspapers/magazines and republish on demand.

16. Read articles in "reader mode" and share with friends.

17. Relate issues to charity by integrating coverage with donations to the charities making progress happen - cause-based reporting.

18. No byline news that's hosted on IPFS and paid in crypto, could be platform for media companies.


19. Acquire water rights in Ontario using a series of corporations that each use up to the 50,000L/day limit. Sell the water in sustainable packaging that is plastic-free.

20. Stablecoins used to pay for metered water, digital metering.

21. Clean drinking water supplied in a container format for communities with poor access to water (i.e. remote parts of Canada).

22. Sell the cleanest water in glass containers with metal lids (reusable, returned to store).

23. Easily rent metal fences and other industrial items for construction.


24. Advertise on barber sheets, replace them each month with new ads, targetted by geography.

25. Retirement home referral site with consulting.


26. Confidentially exchanging pricing information between companies to find out if they're paying too much for services, using cryptography.

27. Generic software for managing marketplaces/exchanges like a metals pricing exchange for scrap dealers.

28. Hosted wallets for crypto payments to services, with integrated cancellation and other messages so can be cancelled easier.


29. Crawler to find documents relevant to litigation on a target website, like e-discovery tools.

30. A site for solved problems with links.

31. Programmable bots for doing certain crawler tasks, with regex for pulling out the data, accessible through API.

32. Pay the maintainers of search results for common searches.


33. Inspiring speakers from developing countries who talk to classrooms and are paid reasonably for their time ($50).

34. Resources like training materials for good government, delivered as interactive website to improve thinking of government officials.


35. A platform for encrypted documents and information so companies can disseminate it to employees using AES encryption (e.g. cap table).

36. Caribbean corporation that is used as a platform for many SaaS businesses, like Stripe did with credit cards, to simplify tax and administration.

37. Suite of review offerings for new businesses, ranging from marketing to security, using third-party vendors that deliver subcontracted.

38. "Flash tasks" paid in crypto that need to be done immediately, small jobs.

39. Easy viewer for stock options and shares of private companies.


40. Residents can take photos to report situations to city staff.

41. Dashboard cams that record GPS coordinates and report to a central marketplace to allow people to buy footage taken at a certain place within the recent past.

42. Managing bounties for tasks like videos of idlers. [Update: this exists in New York as of 2018, and it's ramping up in volume]


43. A VPN tunnel to a browser for looking at suspicious links, perhaps rendering the browser output to an image that's sent back.

44. Encrypted chat platform for sensitive businesses like film production.

45. Anti-bot captcha-like service that's compatible with disabilities laws and flags potential bots for later review if suspect.


46. Betting with friends in an encrypted environment.

47. Relocate gambling and other high-risk businesses to First Nations territories in Canada and provide a licensing system for them, run by the EDC.

48. A social network for people to show off their houses.


49. Milestone-based advocacy with software for managing it, and opportunity for funders and lenders against pledging.

50. Easy NFTs for charities.


51. Restaurants for dogs, with health foods, built into other restaurants as self-serve.


52. Monthly subscription to access tech support for using smartphones, includes recommendations of which phone to get.


53. Air quality sensors that families can build at home together and use to measure their environment.

54. Consulting service that explains medical procedure steps, how to hire doctors in other countries, how to navigate Canadian medical system, etc.