The blockchain space in Canada is booming and dynamic, being composed of many small to mid-sized players. This is great for competition but can make it difficult to find a position. Below are a few companies that are hiring right now (mostly remote positions).


Shakepay is one of the largest virtual currency dealers in Canada. They're looking to hire developers, a security engineer, a security analyst, customer service roles, a Chief of Staff, and business development roles: jobs page.


ViewFin has a variety of projects at the cutting edge of blockchain (i.e. tokens, DeFi, NFT, etc.). Developer, technical writer and project manager roles: job posting .


YesBit does contract development and also operates a specialty virtual currency dealer business. They're hiring for a social media (Reddit, Discord, etc.) specialist position for DeFi-related work. Mandarin is an asset but not required. Email Arthur Ye, the COO to learn more:

Stellar Foundation

Not primarily Canadian, but the Stellar Foundation is hiring and the US positions are open to Canadians I've been told:

Other Jobs

I'm not a recruiter but if you have in-demand skills and are looking to get into the cryptocurrency industry, please feel free to reach out and it's possible I could connect you with an opportunity. There's also a few leads in the comments of a LinkedIn post I put up earlier this week. And if you see a company you like, considering approaching them directly as they may have a need that isn't posted online. Often small companies are open to proposals for new positions and this industry is rapidly growing.