1. The Trial of an Action
  2. Plain English for Lawyers
  3. Letters to a Young Lawyer

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The Trial of An Action by SCC Justice Sopinka

A very easy-to-understand guide to trials and techniques. It's a bit of a trial lawyer for dummies book but written by a Supreme Court Justice. This book is very hard to find used and is ludicrously over-priced at $185 for the hardcover from LexisNexis.

Plain English for Lawyers by Richard Wydick

This book answers all of the questions you've ever had about punctuation and how to do lists properly. Highly recommended for any law student and a great book to refer to as a practising lawyer.

Letters to a Young Lawyer by Alan Dershowitz

One of the things that has stayed with me from this book (I read it a few years ago) is that doing the right thing will make some people not like you. If no one hates you you're probably doing something wrong in your fight for what's right. Also: plenty of good stories about the author's career as a lawyer and practical advice for attorneys.