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As we come to the end of 2023, the holiday season is always a time to reflect on what's gone well and think about the people who've helped make our lives better.

Thank you to my clients this year, and all the previous years. When you hire any services business you're always taking a chance but it's especially a big chance with small firms. As one person, perhaps I'm the biggest chance they can take when it comes to legal advice. It takes conviction to make this choice, and I'm grateful for the people who've made the choice to let me into their companies and often into their lives.

Several partners at Bay St firms have been instrumental in getting to do work that a sole practitioner would ordinarily not be able to participate in. I rely heavily on major law firms both as the providers of legal services to my clients, but also as sources of wisdom that help me to provide better advice directly to clients. Other lawyers are often the ones who recommend me, and I'm grateful for all of those referrals.

Thank you to the partner and associates of many law firms, both in Canada but also America, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Barbados, the United Kingdom, Germany, Israel, Hong Kong, Australia, and so many other places. Many people have taken a bit of extra time to explain a bit more.

Learning from clients is how you add value for this client and the next one. I'm grateful for all the opportunities to learn that I've been presented with. There are few things that I could do in life that would offer so many chances to learn about how the world works, and how it can be improved.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this year a success. All the best this holiday season.