Canadian law firms have been heavily involved in the cryptocurrency space over the last few years. They've written tons of great articles, but they're difficult to find. So I've put them together, in the form of a unique list of 950 articles that mention "bitcoin", "ethereum", or "cryptoasset". The assembled pages are an interesting view on what's happening in Canadian law, and who's doing it (since many of the pages are lawyer profiles that mention their transactions).

Each listing includes a screenshot of the law firm webpage and excerpted text from the article so you can get a sense of what it's about. Becuase the list is so large, I've split it into four parts, alphabetized by title:

Articles #1 to #250

Articles #251 to #500

Articles #501 to #750

Articles #751 to #950

Technical Notes

These pages were downloaded over the course of several weeks using a custom indexer, as part of a large data mining project that includes regulators and law firm news websites. The pages were visited with Firefox and a screenshot taken of the top part of the page. The indexed pages were then combed for the search words and deduplicated. The combined results were then rendered as the list that's linked above.

Each index page is around 25mb, so if you're reading this on mobile it may take a little while to load. To make it load faster, each screenshot of the website is inlined as base64 encoded JPEGs.

There are some "duplicate" pages that are the result of law firms automatically generating content. There's undoubtedly a number of cryptocurrency-related pages that were missed, as will happen with any mass process like this. But this is certainly the largest collection anyone's amassed as it would have taken weeks to do by hand.