Toronto's Cryptocurrency Lawyer

Founders and management teams hire me to bring new products to market in the cryptocurrency industry. Clients know our work together is informed by experience working with some of the best in the industry. I am determined to find solutions that reduce risk and ensure compliance for innovative businesses in the digital asset space.

My commercial agreements and guidance has been used for billions of dollars of transaction volume. Designing agreements, workflows, and means of doing business are areas where I can deliver value. As a result of my work with great clients, several percentage points of the Canadian population has been onboarded into virtual currency dealers & marketplaces using processes I've worked on as a lawyer. Since 2014, I've been design pioneering contracts and legal strategies that ensures clients can grow within evolving legal frameworks for cryptocurrency.

Clients most appreciate advice aligned with their business reality, the opinions of other legal counsel, and regulators. Sound, practical, business-minded solutions that scale well are the best legal solutions.

Example Clients

Shakepay: Canadian BTC & ETH dealer

Decentral: Makers of Jaxx Liberty Wallet

Matador: Gold sales & tokenization

Stablecorp: Canadian dollar stablecoin

Moves: Gig economy services

Presearch: Tokenized search engine

Unocoin: India cryptocurrency dealer

Mavennet: Enterprise developer

Ethereum: Pre-launch of ETH

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Legal Services - Fully Booked

Unfortunately Addison has a full client list at the moment. You can sign up for the waitlist here. Availability is expected in fall, 2022.

A Different Legal Practice: “Long-Term Law”

Almost all of Addison's work is what he calls "long-term law", an in-depth engagement between the client and lawyer, that speeds up engagements and gets far better results than the typical approach to legal advice. The pay-by-the-hour model is dominant in law today, and serves many people well, but isn't the same sort of advice that can come from being deeply embedded in a client's business through close work on Slack, regular video calls, and impromptu phone calls. Knowledge work and quick replies are easier with a tighter focus on the client than what is possible for most lawyers. This goes hand-in-hand with developing the in-depth product knowledge that cryptocurrency startups need.

Clients appreciate legal advice that's based on work for the early days of Ethereum, pillars of the Canadian cryptocurrency industry including one of the largest cryptocurrency dealers, and over a hundred other companies large and small in the emerging digital asset space. Having been involved in groundbreaking legal work defining the DeFi industry in Canada recently, and stablecoins, Addison is dedicated to a law practice at the forefront of digital asset technology.

Building Something Great?

What Else Is Different From Other Law Firms?

  1. Fiercely Independent: no referral fees ever paid to other professionals or collected from them. No law firm insisting on referring to the lawyers within a big firm, instead of the expert at another firm who could do it better.
  2. Dynamic Teams: With experience, many things come easily as a lawyer. Experts know a lot but Canadian and international laws are so complicated that there are hundreds of kinds of specialty lawyers. Mr. Cameron-Huff practices in dynamic teams with the right lawyers for the job, introducing professionals as needed.
  3. Tech Native: You deserve a lawyer who uses technology effectively and can use Google Docs/Office/etc. Mr. Cameron-huff is the programmer behind several online businesses, and makes legal-related programs in his spare time. Thinking like a programmer, a lawyer, and a startup founder, Addison's advice is precise and useful.
  4. In-depth Advice: There are no juniors. There's no student. High-level advice that solves problems, and then the follow through, whether that's drafting or updating minute books. Work is work, and the legal need comes first.
  5. Crypto Knowledge: You won't need to explain "Blockchain 101". Or "Blockchain 201".
  6. Forthright Communication: You deserve a lawyer speaks up when they don't know. Someone who knows where risks lie and what is clear in the law. False confidence or overly optimistic advice is damaging to business teams that are trying to move fast. Solving legal problems promptly so they don't weigh down the business is essential for high-powered teams.