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Bitcoin set in motion a global movement that is now reshaping how we save, spend, and ultimately organize our lives. We are at the beginning of a new wave of innovation.

I work for small teams that change the world. My work has been used for hundreds of millions of dollars of transactions. I design pioneering contracts and business strategies that ensure that my clients can scale and withstand regulatory scrutiny. My own story begins in 2014 with the Ethereum founding team and a Bitcoin core developer. I hope the next chapter involves you.

True innovators don't want ivory tower legal advice. I've run a crypto wallet company with over 750,000 users, started several legaltech ventures, and deeply understand the technical details of my client's products. I believe that technical knowledge is not a value-add, it is essential for providing legal advice in the cryptocurrency sector.

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Legal Services - Fully Booked As Of April, 2021

Unfortunately Addison has a full client list at the moment. Availability is expected in September.


Cryptocurrency Dealers & Exchanges

FINTRAC-registered MSBs that are virtual currency dealers need commercial/regulatory legal work to ensure they have the freedom to operate while minimizing legal risks. These engagements work well for companies that have legal counsel already or who are getting started.

Shakepay logo
Shakepay has served over 420,000 Canadian customers with convenient services for buying and selling BTC & ETH.
Stablecorp logo
The QCAD stablecoin developer, Canada Stablecorp, is a registered virtual currency dealer. Backed by Mavennet & 3iQ.
Yesbit logo
Yesbit is a registered virtual currency dealer that specializes in bilingual bespoke trading in cryptocurrencies.

Confidential Past Client

A leading provider of cryptocurrency lending services.

Confidential Past Client

An early pioneer in the virtual currency dealer space.

Confidential Client

A DeFI platform for trading in exotic blockchain assets.

Typically 2-12 Months

Stablecoin, Token, and Coin Developers

Smart contract-based businesses have specific risks that are best addressed by a lawyer developer who can ensure they can get to market and stay there.

Addison was absolutely instrumental in helping Presearch plan and execute our successful token sale and cryptocurrency project. His insightful advice and clean, simple contracts served as the basis for our go-to-market strategy and proved to work very well.
Colin Pape Colin Pape
Founder of Presearch

Legal Architect

Mr. Cameron-Huff is counsel to pioneering Canadian dollar stablecoin QCAD.

Ethereum & Canada

Mr. Cameron-Huff was one of the Canadians who worked on Ethereum in the early days.


Having advised several token projects collectively worth hundreds of millions of dollars, few lawyers in Canada are as comfortable with ERC20 and other smart contract systems (i.e. DeFI).


Regulatory Strategy Advisor

Do you love your current lawyer but need extra help navigating the complexities of Canada's shifting regulatory environment? A lawyer who stays on top of the minituae and can provide strategies for staying on the right side of regulators can be the difference between high growth or an expensive dance with one of Canada's many regulators. Stay on the right side by adjusting your product, marketing, and services with detail-oriented strategy.

As the Founding Director of the Bitcoin Foundation, and CEO of one of the first Bitcoin startups, I know who the experts are. Addison Cameron-Huff has deep expertise in this space and is a pleasure to work with.
Charlie Shrem
Bitcoin Foundation (US) + Crypto.IQ
Ongoing Engagement

Blockchain Software Development Companies

Designing contracts, stock option plans, employment agreements, NDAs and the other typical work of general counsel is essential for software development companies in the blockchain sector.

Addison is a smart, ethical, well-respected, cutting-edge technology lawyer who's professionalism and expertise have served me well for over 5 years. I couldn't be happier being a client of this law practice.
Anthony Di Iorio Anthony Di Iorio
Founder of Jaxx Liberty & Co-Founder of Ethereum
Typically 1-2 Days

Lawyer Training & Professional Development

Not every lawyer has spent the last 7 years living in the cryptocurrency industry and building products with teams across the world. Learn from someone who has been there so you can offer better advice and stay on the right side of blockchain trends. Mr. Cameron-Huff has provided extensive professional development support for a major regulator of Canada's securities industries, an investor protection SRO, the US water industry, the Law Society of Ontario, and given many unpaid talks to community groups that promote blockchain technology.

Minimum of 3 Hours

Advisory Engagement & Ad-hoc Legal

A few hours of learnings based on thousands of hours in the trenches can save enormous amounts of time and money. Some engagements are best handled on an ad-hoc basis, and these are often in the form of added firepower to your existing legal team.

Addison is an absolute pleasure to work with and his attention to detail is fantastic. He was instrumental in helping us close our acquisition on time and making the process extremely smooth.
Satraj Bambra Satraj Bambra
Co-Founder of B House (Acquired by TWG) & BlockEQ
Typically 1-6 Months

Canadianization of Product

Canada is a significant player in the global cryptocurrency space. We don't always make as much noise but many companies recognize the opportunities in Canada from either a market, R&D tax credit or regulatory homebase perspective.

Addison has played an integral role in helping Unocoin explore and assess the feasibility of launching our trading platform in Canada. He's professional, straightforward, conservative and very knowledgeable about crypto.
Sunny Ray Sunny Ray
Former President, Unocoin

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Why Flat Fee Billing? Why Not Hourly?

Flat fee billing provides a predictable cost for clients and helps create a long-term alignment between lawyer and client. Clients should never think twice about picking up the phone or asking a question by email, and with fixed fee billing that's not an issue.

You deserve a lawyer who's invested in your long-term success and deeply understands your products, not a bill for every five minutes of time. This is a model that's particularly well-suited to the complex needs of blockchain companies' products and ensures that your lawyer will always have time for you.

What Else Do You Do Differently From Other Law Firms?

  1. No referral fees ever paid to other professionals or collected from them. You will only ever be referred to other professionals who are the right fit for you, and not because of any financial interest. Thay may be a global law firm, a boutique IP firm, or legal counsel in other countries.
  2. No surprise fees. You'll never see a $5 charge for "photocopying" or long-distance calls. It's 2021. You deserve a lawyer who uses technology effectively and can use Google Docs/Office/etc.
  3. No receptionists. You'll be connected directly.
  4. You won't need to explain "Blockchain 101". Or "201". But you will have a lawyer by your side who's committed to learning.